A chat with Singpayak PTJ Muaythai Gym

Today we had a little chat with Singpayak PTJmuaythaigym aka Rajabat Mor. Jombueng, about his career and to help give everyone an insight into PTJ’s newest family member.

How old are you?

23 years old

Where do you come from?

I’m from Sisaket, in north eastern Thailand.

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Yes, I have 3 older brothers.

Was anyone from your family a boxer in the past?

No one in my family has been a boxer before me.

How did you discover muaythai?

It’s everywhere in my village. TV, schools, temples, etc… When I was 9, my dad bought a
punching bag and tied it to the tree. And that’s how it all started.

What age did you have your first fight and what was the purse?

I was 9, and it was 100 Thai Baht, which is pretty standard for kids.

Which camp did you start boxing at?

I have actually been based out of a lot of gyms in my career. I started at home, then Kietboonham (Sisaket), Pet Suparparn (Petburi), Sit Kruigor (Sisaket) and more!

When did you move to Rajabaht Mor. Jombueng?

I have been there for 4 years now.

Tell us about the program?

I’m on scholarship there, and I’m actually studying for a Bachelor Degree in Muaythai and Thai Traditional Medicine. It covers all aspects of Muaythai, history, refereeing, coaching, and massage. I’m in Australia at the moment as a part of the program to learn English and how to instruct Muaythai in English.

What weight do you fight at?

In Thailand I fight at 130lb which is very competitive, but in Australia I will fight anyone from 60-64kg which is small. Please
please please I want to fight here more!

What titles have you gained?

North East Thailand, IFMA, WPMF, and the Channel 7 Stadium belt.

What is your fighting style?

I am a “fimeu” or technical style of fighter

What is your record?

My record is 80F 64W

Which promoter do you fight for in Thailand?

I fight for Kiatpetch Channel 7

What is your hardest fight so far?

My fights with Tuanpae have all been very hard. We’ve fought 4 times, and the gamblers like this fight.

What is your best memory of muaythai?

My best memory is winning the Channel 7 title against Tuanpae. It was a tough and very close fight.

Do you have a funny story about muaythai?

Yes many! But this one stands out. When I was young I fought in the morning at a local show and won but I was very tired. Then after the promoter told me he wanted me to fight again in the afternoon at another show! I went, but I was very sore, and in the 3rd round I told the referee I don’t want to fight anymore I fought already! Hahaha.

What is the most times you have fought in a week?

I have fought about 4 times in a week once at a Thai New Year festival. There are so many fights during Thai festivals. It is very important to fight regularly as you learn a lot and get better quicker, and learn to relax more.

Who are some of the best fighters you have fought?

I have fought most of the top fighters at 130lb at channel 7. Tuanpae, The Star, Isuadao, etc… When I was very young I fought Kongsak, he was strong even back then!

What is your favourite technique?

I love elbow techniques.

Who are your favourite Thai fighters from any era?

Has to be Somluck and Samart because of their defence and technical style.

Who is the best Thai fighter at the moment in your eyes?

I think Petchboonchu, he is just too strong and too big for anyone at his own weight.

Who is your favourite Western fighter?

Ramon Dekkers

Do you have anything to say to muaythai fans in Australia?

I love being here as the people are so nice.

I haven’t dealt a lot with westerners before or even seen westerner’s fight muaythai. The first time I went to an Amateur show in Sydney I was so proud when I saw 2 Australian’s “wai” each other for the first time! I couldn’t believe it! I love that Australia’s love muaythai and respect Thai culture, I think Thai’s should be more proud of this as I am extremely proud and want Thai people could see this too!

I want to help make muaythai more popular and thanks to the promoters of Real Hero and PTJ Muaythai Gym I have this great opportunity.


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