Revolution @ The Roxy Wrap Up – 12/11/11

Another great night of action put on by local promoter Tim Fischer at the Roxy Parramatta. This was a HUGE card with approximately 6 MMA fights and 12 Muaythai fights, giving the punters plenty of bang for their buck. With a big local following for our boys, we were in for a great night of action with 3 of our boys, Junior, Tyler and Scotty all well matched with opponents from some strong local gyms.

Junior Zakarija vs Corie Wood

In what was a very technical fight from both boys at this level, Junior whether some early kicks to shine through with some huge right kicks for the next 2 rounds to win. Junior was very composed and methodical in the way he approached this fight, and continues to grow with fight to fight. Still have to remember the young lad is only 16.




Tyler Brown vs Jack Edman

It was clear from the opening bell that Tyler’s opponent was looking to box and stay out of the clinch for this fight. Tyler managed to defend clock up points nicely with his lead leg. During the second round, Tyler picked up the pace a little and scored a knock down with a right hand. Tyler continued to use his lead leg well and apply pressure in the clinch to score a unanimous points decision.



Scott Wilson vs Morgan Phillips

With a bit of extra pressure from his previous spectacular KO and the other boys coming away with wins, Scott “The Baron” stepped up to the plate against another local boxer from Bulldog Parramatta. Scott’s opponent came out very strong, looking to land heavy hands and knees in the clinch. Scott remained composed, and managed replied with some very nice right kicks to the midsection of his opponent. During the second round, Scott picked up the pressure and after a nice shot scored a knock down. “The Baron” continued to apply pressure with his opponents corner throwing in the towel after a second knock down.

Thanks once again to everyone who came out to support the boys. A special mention to Rod and Sam for all their unseen work out the back in getting the boys ready for their fights.

We are currently 6 wins from 6 fights, with Scott and Sam matched to fight on December 2 at Nick Stone’s War On The North Shore. No pressure boys, but it would be nice to match Bulldog Parramatta’s 8 from 8 set earlier in the year!


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