WOW, what a night!

For the first time since opening just 18 months ago, PTJ Muaythai had almost it’s full team of fighters fighting on the one card, and best of all, it was only down the road in Parramatta. The team which consisted of Justin Cox, Scott Wilson, Tyler Brown and Mark Fowler all had almost flawless preparation for the bouts and it truly showed on Friday night at the Roxy in Parramatta.

First up was Justin Cox “Coxy” at 58kg’s in an extremely tough battle against a Willy from Khom San Gym. For first timers, both boys showed tremendous composure and muaythai techniques. With the bout turning into a kick for kick test of determination right until the final bell, with Coxy only just losing out on points.

Second to step up was Scott “The Baron” Wilson at a lean 72kg’s against Pierre from Jabout Gym, with Scott and Pierre entering into the ring for the second time in their careers. Both boys looked very focused in round one, with Scott landing the cleaner shots of the round. The second started with more pressure from Scott, then finding a gap in Pierre’s guard landing a huge right kick to the head to send Pierre to the canvas, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Thankfully the doctor was at hand and Pierre was well looked after, with Scott showing true sportsmanship in making sure he was ok.

Third from PTJ was Tyler Brown against a strong boxer from Fite Rite Kickboxing Gym. Both boys had huge followings from this event and as soon as the boxers were seen coming from the change rooms the Roxy erupted into a PTJ vs Fite Rite cheering match. As is the nature of Tyler, he remained calm, had a tight defense and managed to fend off some wild attacks from the Fite Rite Gym boy. Tyler was very strong in the clinch throughout the bout and managed to land some clean blows in the third, but unfortunately wasnt enough in the opinion of 2 of the judges and the bout was awarded to Fite Rite.

Finally, Mark “Sharky” Fowler was due for his Prestige Bout agains Chris Ngyuen from 8 Blades in Melboure. From the opening bell it could be seen that this was going to be a very technical bout, with Mark scoring highly in the early rounds in the clinch. Chris had some very dangerous kicks and managed to knock Mark off balance in the third, but Mark got straight up and continued to apply pressure until the end of the bout. The judges awarding Mark with a hard fought win.

In all the Revolution show was a great night out and despite the recent negativity in the press of late, really showed that Muaythai in NSW is continuing to strengthen and move on from the bad old days of kickboxing. Much to the credit of gyms such as Taipan, Jabout, Bulldog Parra and Balmain, Tu’s Company and Khom San Gym.

Thanks to all who came and supported the team last night as it really helped the boys along. Special thanks to promoter Tim Fischer, Nathan Parnham, Rod Zak, Matt Ruff and my lovely wife Art for all your help in making it such a great night of Muaythai.


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