Saturday June 30 = Muaythai Madness!

WOW, what a Saturday for PTJ Muaythai Gym! In what can only be described as Muaythai Madness, PTJ had a busy Saturday of Muaythai, playing host to Thai’s Saiyok and Kampan in a cracking seminar in the morning, then 3 our of up and comers fighting on the Unleashed promotion in  Campsie, Sydney.

Saiyok and Kampan Seminar

It was an absolute pleasure to once again be given the opportunity to host to great ambassadors for the sport of Muaythai, Saiyok Pumpanmuang and Kampan Santaweesook. We had a great turn out from a variety of gyms from Sydney and afar, and it was great to see everyone training and learning together under the one roof. The experience levels were vast, from beginners to 20+ fight veterans, but judging from the smiles on everyone’s faces, everyone got their own little piece of technique to take away from the day.

The day started with a group warm up and shadow boxing, then the seminar was broken up into 2 groups. One group working with Kampan on his favored elbow techniques, while the other group was working with Saiyok on some of his favored kick and counter techniques. Once everyone had completed both sessions, the seminar was then pulled back into the one group for some clinch techniques and a final clinch session together. We were then treated to a round on the pads with Kampan watching his amazing kicks. To complete the day, we had some question time with the boys, and some great questions being asked by the guys who wanted to get an insight into the history of Saiyok and Kampan, and what motivates them to continue to do what they do best.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the day, and to SRG Gym, Bulldog Canberra, Bulldog Balmain and most importantly our friend Phillip Bennett, one of the true gentlemen in our sport.


Before I move into the fight wrap, I’d just like to say how proud I was last night in the way all 3 nakmuay fought and conducted themselves, REGARDLESS of the results. Our guys are fighting with some great style and composure, and are an absolute pleasure to corner and watch grow as a trainer. If you stick to what you are doing, you will triumph down the track as experience grows. There is no scrapiness, no bad sportsmanship, just a whole lot of heart and style which is something I’ve set out to achieve since day one.

First up was Tomo, affectionately known as “The Brick” to everyone at the gym. Tom fought a brawling boy from Taipan Gym, who come out swinging wildly in Rounds 1 and 2. Tomo managed to weather the storm and land some nice knees and left kicks in the opening of the 3rd which began to send his opponent onto the back foot. The 4th and final was do or die, with Tom’s opponent swinging wildly again and unfortunately catching Tom giving him a standing 8 count. Tom tried to push into his tiring opponent, but was still a little slow after the knock down and wasn’t able to regather the much needed points.

Second up was Steph “SKS” in her second bout in as many weeks! Steph was matched against a very strong tall girl from Kropkrua Gym in Woolongong and you are always in for a tough one against the Kropkrua guys. The bout started of nicely with both girls trading and countering well. As the second round came, Steph started to find her range and was landing some nicely timed left kicks. Come 3rd round, Steph had found form and was landing constant left kicks to the body of her tough opponent. Steph ended up taking the decision, breaking 2 records for our young gym, fighting twice in 2 weeks, and taking 3 straight wins. CONGRATS STEPH!

Last up was Andrew Ong against a strong and excited young fighter from Phoenix Gym in Canberra. At the stare down Ongy looked to be in for a very tough bout, but Ongy managed to remain calm and move well to score some nicely timed knees in round 1. Round 2 was much the same, with Ongy landing constant knee’s in the clinch, however he was taken down towards the end of the round with an illegal throw. Third round was much the same, with Ongy constantly scoring in the clinch and evading his opponent’s kicks with some nice replies. To the amazement of everyone involved, the decision went to his opponent. Regardless, Ongy fought a beautiful fight and should be proud for the way he approached this fight (and the decision).



























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